magic at the Azores

Find magic at the Azores: an epic drive

Road Trip / nature

Sao Miguel
Do you know where the Azores are located exactly? Well I didn't either. I only knew  about because they are always mentioned in the weather forecast on television. Shame, shame, shame on me being a world traveler.

One epic ride in a Mazda2

Azores by Travel TreeThe Azores are one of four archipelagos that- along with Madeira, The Canaries and Cape Verde- make up the volcanic islands of Macaronesia. The nine islands of the Azores lay on the volcanically tempestuous Mid-Atlantic Ridge. And located almost 1000 miles of the Portuguese coast. I admit, nature seems a bit dangerous in that area but the soft climate, the beautiful trees and spectacular views are too breathtaking to worry about an eruption or any earthquake whatsoever. :-)

Round Trip by car on a higher level

Mazda2 by Inge Moerenhout for Travel Tree
I thought the best way to visit the beautiful Island of Sao Miguel is by car. Because the roads are narrow and the local drivers not always so careful you prefer a small but sporty car. I know it’s not easy to keep your eyes on the road with such beautiful surrounding, but be aware that all Azores animals are convinced it’s their road too. :-)
For me it’s also important that my transport is pleasing to the eye. so the Mazda2 became my perfect friend on this epic drive.

animals rule the streets at the Azores

When you see the world in another perspective

The recently updated Mazda2 was the perfect companion for these twisty roads.
Perfect, safe and precise cornering thanks to the G-Vectoring Control and peace of mind thanks to the upgraded i-Activsense safety systems. Compact car but with all the goodies of a big one. Except that I was surprised in the morning that the steering wheel was on the wrong side (being a car shipped over from the UK). And I had to change gears with my left hand… A bit unsettling if you are not used to it !

Inge Moerenhout for Mazda in the Azores

 A luxury start at the Azor Hotel

Azor hotel for Travel Tree
We started our journey in Ponta Delgado on Sao Miguel. The modern Azor Hotel is located in Portas do Mar. Sleeping by the seafront  at the marina offers a perfect view and put a a smile on your face t in the morning. The hotel is also just a short 15 minutes walk to the very centre of Ponta Delgado.
The Azor Hotel also has a spectacular rooftop outdoor poolbar and free high speed internet. What more could we need?

inge Moerenhout for Azor Hotel
Even if Ponta Delgada is the largest town and the busiest port in the Azores, the residents remain so laid-back that if you see anybody in a hurry, they are either on fire, or being chased by a bull. (still a tradition) I think it’s not a bad attitude but if you are very hungry you have to order on time. :-)

In fire for Fogo Lake

inge Moerenhout at Fogo Lake for Travel Tree

Our first stop was at the Fogo Lake. For sure a view I will never forget. It is located in the center of the island and is doubtlessly one of the greatest attractions of nature. This huge blue lake – it is about 2 km long and 1 km wide - fills the ground of an extinct crater, whose caldera was formed during an eruption in 1563. Surrounded by high mountains and luxuriant endemic vegetation, this mystical lake, where an ambiance of divine tranquillity and beauty is reigning, has transparent waters, peninsula and white sand beaches and is declared as a nature reserve. For the best pic you can climb  to the  abandoned hotel nearby, totally at your own risk of course.

Create your own Fairytale at the Azores

Magic by Guess and Inge Moerenhout at the Azores

The protected landscape of the Sete citadel and his beautiful lake are also a must see. It is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, and it it showcases the Green and Blue Lakes, which according to the legend, were formed by the tears of a shepherd and a princess who shared a forbidden love. For me it felt as I was in a fairytale.

Azores for Travel Tree
We had a great dinner at the  Furnas Boutique Hotel. It is a small hotel located in the beautiful town of Furnas in the central highlands of the island. Set within the volcanic basin with its boiling pools and famous botanical gardens, this small hotel is a welcome addition to the town and is one of the few places on the island offering spa treatments. Relax in the outdoor and indoor thermal pool. It was such a pity I couldn't enjoy the wellness, but there is always a next time.

the sea at the Azores for Travel tree
inge Moerenout at the AzoresWe really had a blast. And there are still so many things to do and see in this breathtaking place. So our next trip is already booked and my lovely Mazda2 waiting for a new epic drive.
Drive together on a higher, or better, the highest level, that’s the least I can say.