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Dream Big in Little Curaçao

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Klein Curaçao
If you want to feel like a real Robinson Crusoe, you should definitely take the boat to the uninhabited island of "Klein Curaçao"! On Curacao itself you already have breathtaking beaches such as "De Kleine" and " Groote Knip" but the ultimate Bounty paradise can be found on this small uninhabited island. The beach of Klein Curaçao is not shared with many tourists. There are no hotels or trendy beach bars, but only a handful of other lucky ones and the magical colors of fauna and flora... The ultra-white sandy beaches,  the crystal clear water with its hidden treasures, and last but not least, the stately lighthouse will take you to another universe.
Inge Moerenhout at Klein CuraçaoInge Moerenhout at Klein Curaçao

The Mermaid will bring  you safely to the island

Klein Curacao is located about 25 kilometers from the southeastern tip of the "big" Curacao, two hours by boat from Spanish Water. You can go there in different ways. The catamaran is the most sporty, but the Mermaid, a sturdy and seaworthy ship, brings you safe and sooner on shore.  And for sure, you are a little less bothered by the strong waves. The journey can be firm and people who are easily seasick should take their precautions. I do like the fact that the wind is strong and the ship has to face the high waves. Because it was early in the morning and still chilly, I was so happy with my extra sweater.
In the distance you can clearly see the lighthouse of Klein Curacao. This beauty and the endless white sandy beach makes you quickly forget the ferocious pace. The Mermaid has its own private beach hut with its own lookout tower, sun loungers and a fresh water shower. The breakfast is sober, a sandwich with cheese or one with ham, but in this magical place everything tastes good.

Tip: take a seat on the ship where you can see the horizon, have a small breakfast even if it is very early. You don't want to be seasick, do you? :-)

Patrick Castelain At Klein CuraçaoSnorkeling at Klein CuraçaoSnorkeling in crystal clear water and swimming with new friends

Klein Curacao is the perfect place to try out your snorkeling skills. The water is crystal clear and wonderfully warm. You have underwater visibility of up to 30 meters and the coral reef and colorful fish are a feast for the eyes. The island, with its beautiful white beach, is a well-known breeding ground for turtles. Every year, sea turtles, who were born here, come back to their native beach to continue their species. So, while snorkeling, you have a real chance to see this ancient and beautiful animals swimming. The highlight of the day was the close encounter with two large turtles. Patrick immediately had two new friends who kept swimming with him. It was magical! Luckily my husband respects nature and he had no need to rub their heads. A turtle has vicious teeth... looking is allowed...  touching not at all!!!!!
Lunch in the hammock

Lunch at Klein Curaçao

lunch at Klein Curaçao

The lunch consisted of an extensive beach barbeque that everyone liked very much.  I had the best place of the bunch, a hammock only enhances the feeling of happiness and freedom.
But, after a fine meal and a little siesta it was time to explore the island. 
The Lighthouse on Klein CuraçcaoArtistically dilapidated and abandoned: the lighthouse on Klein Curacao

The lighthouse as a warning

John Godden, an English mining engineer, put the island on the map for the first time in 1871. He discovered that there was a lot of phosphate on the island, left behind by all the birds that Klein Curacao used as a breeding ground.:-) Phosphate was at that time a very popular product and was used in Europe as a feed and fertilizer additive. The phosphate extraction changed the landscape of Klein Curacao and created a barren and bare uninhabited island.
Fortunately, in the meantime a reforestation project has started and here and there you will find a dash of green again.
Inge Moerenhout at Klein CuraçoPreviously, the island was also used as a quarantine island for slaves. Before the slaves were brought ashore on Curacao, the sick slaves were quarantined on Klein Curaçao. Those who did not survive were buried on the island.

Not such a beautiful history of this piece of paradise but the lighthouse proudly keeps its secrets. Although the shipwrecks on the rugged side of Klein Curaçao prove that not every captain saw his warning.

It is definitely worthwhile to make the walk there. The small island perfectly reflects both aspects of life just a minute walk from each other.
Shipwreck at Klein CuraçaoInge Moerenhout at the shipwreckThe rugged, devastating side of the island

After the walk it was time to enjoy each others company  and the soft, dreamy and magical side of Klein Curacao. The trip back to her big brother was also a peaceful one.(no big waves at all) The dolphins waved us out. On board the beer was cool and the hospitality warm, this pretty perfect day tastes for more....
Romantic travel at Klein CuraçaoKlein CuraçaoYou have to get up early for this trip. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday morning at 6:45 a.m. the captain is on standby. Five times a week the Mermaid takes about sixty people to Klein Curacao for an unforgettable day, make sure you are there.

Those who do not have a rental car can be picked up with the Limo. We stayed at the Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort you can read some more in my next article.
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