Le Grand Bornand

A real adventure in Le Grand Bornand

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Le Grand Bornand
Le Grand Bornand Travel TreeWhen the snow crunches and the wooden houses whisper: “Bienvenue au Grand Bornand” then you know that you are in a magical place. . An hour's drive from Geneva you discover the picturesque village of Le Grand Bornand peaceful in white. Here you find no concrete buildings or apartment blocks that don’t exactly make you feel happy. Here you find authenticity, peace and French charm. We stayed in the three star hotel La Croix Saint Maurice with a view on the market square and the enchanting environment. You feel like the mountains extend into your room or at least onto your balcony .
ingeMoerenhout for Travel Tree in Le Grand BornandLe Grand Bornand Travel TreeMarie Fransen in Le Grand BornandThe rooms are not mega-sized but a pretty terrace means the world for me. Breakfast is provided and you eat in a very nice surroundings . Downstairs there is also a bar/restaurant where you can taste all the cheese delights you can imagine. You need at least to try the tartiflet or fondue once in your life.
fromage You sleep at a walking distance from the ski slopes. That’s really great because taking the skibus in the morning is never a good plan. Le Grand Bornand is part of the Massif des Aravis. Snow-guaranteed. The tracks ar so diverse that there are enough slopes to choose from for every level of skier. Please notice! The slopes in France are slightly more difficult than elsewhere, so keep this in mind when you make your choice.
inge Merenhout in Le Grand BornandMarie Fransen in Le Grand BornandLe Grand Bornand Travel TreeWhat struck me rightaway is the skill with which the snow on the slopes is carefully prepared. Also the rented equipment was impeccable. So we could enjoy our ski tour to the fullest. The sun was also present and spoiled us with her heat. The beautiful sight works like a serious appetizer and eating in open air is always a luxury experience. http://www.restaurant-terres-rouges.fr/
Inge en Marie in Le Grand BornandWho has been following us for a while knows we like to be posh on the slopes, but this time we wanted the story to be a bit more adventurous. With the slogan "we let our high heels at home and put our GI Jane outfit on” we had a blast with these three outdoor sports. (Whether or not with a little fear)

1. Sledding

As such this is the most obvious snow activity and It was not the first time we did it. The sleds here do have brakes what the "super Mario Bros" experience only enhances. After a few fits of laughter and diving into the snow I stayed a bit behind the crazy gang. I enjoyed to the fullest the wonderful evening and the mysterious full moon. Did I already tell you that Marie and I were taken up the mountainside by a rescue scooter with giant speed so we were just in time for the descent? No, okay just forget about it because it’s actually not legal:-) #butsocool
sledging in Le Grand Bornandsledging in Le Grand Bornand2. Biathlon

It seemed as if we all had been practicing a lot for shooting because this was easy :-) Of course, the heavy physical exertion that goes with it is another story. Just try to keep your rifle steady after a very intensive run. If you want to see the champions play, you have to be in Le Grand Bornand during the annual World Championships.
biathlonMarie Fransen biathlon3. Paragliding

Last but not least, we also flew. With a parachute and an instructor who put us, after a quarter of an hour, back safely on the ground. If you have never done this before you have to put it down as an extra item on your bucket list . Even though you are afraid of heights and don’t like losing control, this is still a must.

But I have to be honest . When I was on the edge of the cliff, where you must plunge into the deep, I thought I would never survive. But I did it anyway! So no regrets at all because gliding in the air with the look of an eagle gives space in your head and humility in your heart. Once in the air the fear was completely gone. Thought , though , too many crazy tricks from my instructor were not necessary for me.

paraglidingMarie Fransen in Le Grand BornandparaglidingThe French charm of Le grand Bornand will long continue to reverberate. The adrenaline of the adventure as well. Bye bye wooden cottages, store your stories and whisper them again, maybe next year. Each time one more chapter.