L'isle sur la sorgue main view

The charms of L'isle sur la sorgue

L'isle sur la sorgue
As a follow-up to our stay at the beautiful hotel Le Phébus (check the article here), we continued our journey towards L'Isle sur la Sorgue. A picturesque village, located in the heart of the Vaucluse 25 km from Avignon. This charming place is also called "the Venice of Provence" and the reason why became clear to us real soon ...

Isle sur la sorgue waterIsle sur la sorgue moments by the water
This old fishing village spans from the small, cute streets and hidden gems to discover :-)
Around the banks of the clear, babbling Sorgue we were immersed in the magic world of the brocanterie ...

Isle sur la sorgue brocanterie
We visited the weekly antique market on Sunday but there did not stop our treasure hunt. Because in every alley and behind each corner we discovered the most beautiful and most original antique shops, often accompanied by super cozy bars and bistros.

Café sorgueInge brugNow, regarding the treasure hunting, we have to say that they know their prices very well. if you can do real bargains over there? We doubt that to be honest, but the charm and atmosphere that hangs in this village is simply priceless and a treasure on its own.

Isle sur la sorgue brocanterie shopIsle sur la sorgue ice creamFor lunch we were invited at the Grand Hotel Henri **** an elegant french-style hotel where we could enjoy a delicious cod with fresh vegetables, a rosé wine and a beautiful fountain terrace in true L'Isle sur la sorgue style.

Grand hotel Henrilunch at Grand Hotel Henri

We stayed in a magnificent chambre d'hotes La Prévoté. When we entered we were immediately surprised by the river that just ran under the hotel's restaurant. Very beautiful and impressive to see. A river in your hotel ... Why not, right? :-)

Isle sur la sorgue river side
All five rooms were decorated in their own theme, and we were allowed to spend the night in the beautiful lavender room. 

Isle sur la sorgue room b&b
La prévoté bathroom
After unpacking our luggage we had to stop our "girls talk" for a moment, because we were expected downstairs at the restaurant for a huge culinary spoil... asparagus cheesecake. Abnormally tasty and extremely delicious! Quite a cook they have there :-)

asparagus cheesecake
After this high-quality meal we paid a visit to the local artisan ice cream shop, cause the best time for ice cream is...always! 

mary icecreamice cream in Isle sur la Sorgue for Travel Tree
Before heading back home with the TGV, for which we could easily and easily book our tickets through B-europe, we have enjoyed a delicious breakfast in La Prévoté.
Isle sur la sorgue town
La prévoté breakfast

going home with B-Europe

Are you planning a holiday to the Provençe?
Then promise us to spend one or more nights in this beautiful "Curiosity Capital". You'll love it!