The Athenaeum: Five star luxury in the hart of London

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Be a star In London

The Eurostar brings you in less than two hours to the center of London. So easy and perfect to surrender more than once to this bustling city. I can assure you, there is always something new to discover. But this time I want to visit London in a luxurious way.
The Athenaeum is one of London’s few family-run five-star hotels, in a super fancy neighborhood, just across tranquil Green Park. The hotel already had many celebrities as a guest : starting with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando to Harrison Ford and Sandra Bullock. The boysband Take That announced their split in this lovely place with the result that many girls were heart broken. I really can feel sorry for them but … I'm not :-)
I felt like a star too.
I rarely got such a genuinely warm welcome and that is always a good beginning of a perfect stay.

The Athenaeum London by inge Moerenhout for travel treeThe Athenaeum London  Mirror mirror on the wall

The rooms feel very spacious. All the mirrors on the closet doors and in the bathroom enlarge and illuminate the room. It makes you feel bright and shiny too and it is the perfect setting for a nice instagram pic. The rooms are well designed and  have a warm but trendy look . The playful accents in the interior make your heart warm. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular views of Green Park. For me this is truly pure luxury and a great value in a busy city.

Inge Morenhout for Travel Tree at The Athenaeum

the Athenaeum London by inge Moerenhout for travel treeinge Moerenhout @ The Athenaeum London for Travel Tree

The bathroom has a heated towel rail and all the towels are super thick. This may not sound very important, but for me (I don’t know why) it means the ultimate luxury. The Nespresso machine and pillows on demand are definitely an added value. Also the service was perfect. I told the cleaning lady that I was a Coffee addict and every morning she offered us some extra capsules. 

the Athenaeum London by inge Moerenhout for travel tree

Stormy Weather

If you visit London, there is always a chance on stormy weather. Therefore, a good spa in your hotel is really necessary. All the guests of The athenaeum can make free use of the hot tub and sauna. Would you like one of their delicious massages or treatments then you really should book ahead. They are fully booked weeks in advance!

spa Athenaeum London by inge Moerenhout for travel TreeGalvin at The athenaeum London by Inge Moerenhout for Travel Tree

Dinner withe the Galvin brothers

In the early days it was not always easy to find a good restaurant in a hotel but times are changing. In The Athenaeum they even go one step further and invited two Michelin-starred London chefs Chris and Jeff Galvin to set up the menu and put the Restaurant on the map. Galvin at The Athenaeum is using Britain’s delicious homegrown products and supporting independent farmers across the UK.
The restaurant is cozy and serves authentic cuisine. We feasted on a delicious piece of meat with the necessary attributes. :) The two brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin have also brought Afternoon Tea to a higher level with their culinary tricks.

The Living wall

Last but not least, you should be able to take a nightcap in the bar. it’s intimate and inviting with elegant bespoke interiors. The setting speaks at least to your imagination and the cocktails are super tasty.
You can take your Afternoon Tea here as well and enjoy in the meantime the Living Wall of the hotel.The garden begin starts at street level and reaches all the way to the10th floor Penthouse. It’s become the symbol of the hotel and brings peace in a turbulent city. It's magical. I really loved it.

Living Garden

the Athenaeum London by inge Moerenhout for travel tree

"Mind the gap but never mind the rain in London" Thanks for reading and see you soon.
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