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Timeless Elegance and understated luxury: Roundhill stole our hearts

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Montego Bay
One thing is sure, a Jamaica holiday offers something for everyone. You can relax in the most beautiful surrounding of your hotel, you can explore the island’s rich culture and history or you can seek out adventures on land and sea. 
Make your Jamaican holiday complete by tasting the  famous Jerk spice, sipping a cup of Blue Mountain coffee and listening to the world-famous Reggae music.
But first things first. if you know me a little you can confirm my hunger for the most breathtaking hotels. Well I found one more.
round hill resort sunset Jamaica Round hill Montego Bay

Waking up in a dream

Waking up at Round Hill is waking up in a dream. If you listen very carefully you can hear the ocean sing...welcome to paradise, welcome to paradise......The Resort is situated near the ocean and really steeped in rich history, timeless elegance and true luxury. And I don't know why (maybe I stayed here several times in another life :-)), but I felt right at home. 
round hill resort Luxe villa
Inge Morenhout at round Hill Jamaica villa at Round Hill Resortround hill resort resort

More luxury and beauty than you can imagine     

Round Hill and hiss friendly staff welcomes you with genuine Jamaican hospitality. If you are lucky it's the old piccolo who shows you your room. He works at Round hill for years and he is funny, warm and sophisticated at the same time. I can asure you that when he leaves your room, you have a  big smile on your face. 
Round Hill has a 110-acre private enclave of luxury villas and some beautiful boutique oceanfront rooms.
The resort was established in the early 50s by John Pringle as a private haven for celebreties.  And it was a big succes because they have flocked this unique place for many years. Just to do some casual namedropping, what do you think about Bob Hope, Grace Kelly, Paul Newman, Sir Paul McCartney, Pearce Brosnan, John F. Kennedy and many many more.....
Don't tell anyone but Prins Harry and Meghan are also a big fan of this historic spot . Can you blame them? If you see the beauty and luxury of those private villas. The most unique extra of Round Hill Resort is that owners can purchase villas, and then you can rent them from the hotel. So maybe you and your beloved stay the night in the room of Alfred Hitchcock. Just be careful with feeding The Birds, you never know. :-)
If you have a budget to keep on :-)  you can choose one of the cottages or rooms next to the beach. They are designed by Ralph Lauren himself .The great designer leaves his signature all over the hotel in a modest and integer way.
Round hill room  
the beach at Round Hill poll at Round Hill

I am sailing

Warm turquoise waters and a georgeous natural reef make Round Hill a magnificent setting for all of your favourite Jamaica water sports. You can snorkel in the crystal clear waters, take out a pedal boat, kayak or take a guided Glass Bottom Boat ride. My husband and I are a bit more adventures so we went out sailing. He 's my hero, he handled the tough wind and dangerous riff with flair and brought me safe to shore.

jamaica  private beach Round HillPatrick Castelain at Round Hill jamaica

Beach or pool? choices, choices :-)

After a sporty afternoon it is time to relax at the infinity pool or at the beautiful and private beach. It is really a very difficult decision.  :-) Can you discover my favorite spot to get some tan or read a book?  In fact I had two. Even when  the Resort is fully booked, it is never crowded at Round Hill. You can spent the day in total privacy or you can start an interesting chat at the bar. There is a big possibility you have an amazing conversation with an Amarican or British celebrity. Very relaxed, because, just like you, they feel perfectly at home. Never gossip about the royal family because, like I told you before, you might bump into Prins Harry and Lady Megan before you know it. 

beach Jamaica Inn for Traveltreeinge Morenhout at round Hill Jamaica

Dine like a movie star

Round Hill has also an award-winning seaside dining you have to experience. You can go into town to find a fine restaurant. But why leave the property when they have an award-winning Executive chef Like Martin Maginley. He really enchanted me with his cooking skills and you have to try his breadfruit Taco or his Watermelon Ginger Salad. You just have to!
The Beach Barbecue Buffet where shorts are allowed and barefoot elegance is welcome is another must do at the property. 
Surely the highlight of the week, Jamaica Night is reserved for a celebration of Jamaican food and culture with the best of real Jamaican delicacies. But the most important thing is the ambiance, all the lights, the sound of life music melting with the sound of the waves, the well dressed guest and excellent staff... you become the star of your own movie.
dining in Round Hill JamaicaRound hill resort dininginge Moerenhout at round Hill Jamaica at round Hill Jamaica sunset at Round Hill JamaicaLizzy's look out Round Hill Be sure that you don't forget to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets or take a massage at the exquisite spa. The spa is adults only and lies nestled in a lush tropical hillside along a private bay.
spa at Round ill

Meet a local artist and feed the colibri's 

If you go up on the hills you find Ras Natango. This tropical retreat has a spectacular view over Montego Bay. Tamika and Ayale will explain you everything about their self constructed bothanical garden and their concerns about mother earth. Ras Natango is the founder of this treasure and his art speaks for him, laud and colorful. All the animals in the neighbourhood are his best friends and it looks a bit like a fairytale. You have to make some friends yourself and feel the freedom of a true artist.
art in Jamaica Montego BayJamaica roundtrip

Rafting on The Marthe Brae River

A must do in Jamaica is rafting on the Martha Brae River. It's not so far from Round Hill, approximately a 30 minutes drive from Montego Bay.The only thing you have to bring with you is a camera, a swimsuit and your happy face. About 80 rafts with well trained rafting guides are waiting to make your day unforgettable. The seats of the rafts are well padded so this will be a quite comfortable trip. The river is not that deep so even when you are not a good swimmer you are safe all the time.  Relax and take in this magical scenery. The whole time you will be surrounded by beautiful trees and if you are lucky you can spot some wildlife. Enjoy the exotic birds singing their Jamaican song to you as the river flows gently down the road. This journey is more romantic than adventurous but if you are confident you can be the captain for a while. Very cool for a beautiful picture.:-) problem there are a few bars on site, so grab yourself an ice cold Red Striped beer. :-)
Marta Bray river Jamaica
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