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Experience the ultimate return to nature in Jamaica, sleep in one of the eco-chic treehouses at Kanopi House

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Port Antonio
If you want to visit the Home of All Right, you have to do some research. You don’t just pick a spot on the island, you have to think carefully about your expectations. Jamaica has so much to offer but where you spend your vacation will determine what their is to do. If you really love the nightlife? Then, Negril has tons of hot spots for you to cruise. Kingston is the heartbeat and cultural district of the island. Montego Bay is filled with tons of family friendly resorts. But you can also find the posh old school glamour, hidden in the most luxury villa resorts like Round Hill. If you want to experience some of Jamaica’s inland paradise? Check out Ocho Rios and have a perfect stay at Jamaica Inn. But whatever dreamy location you choose you have to combine it with a few unforgettable days in Port Antonio. 
Port Antonio Port Antonio is not the most touristique place and it feels like the 'real' Jamaica. The richdom of this place lies in it's laid- back attitude, the old colonial houses, it's friendly locals but above all it's breathtaking greenery and nature.
If you are looking for a warm welcome to the ultimate return to nature, then I know the perfect place for you.
At Kanopi House, paradise awaits!
Kanopi House by Inge MoerenhoutKanopi House is tucked along a secluded hillside overlooking the famed Blue Lagoon and surrounded by winding bamboo and ginger lily-drenched pathways. The collection of eco-chic treehouses is the perfect escape if you are in search of a little adventure and a lot of relaxation.

Kanopi House by Inge Moerenhout JamaicaKanopi House by Inge MoerenhoutThe wooden and stylish living room restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. you start your day with an amazing view and a happy mindset. The food is local inspired and of course you have to taste the caribbean Dumpling or some real Jamaican Jerk at dinner.  

breakfast at Kanopi House Port Antonio JamaicaKanopi House Jamaica Port AntonioWe stayed in the most elevated treehouse on the property. This beautiful, spacious and secluded cottage offers unobstructed wraparound views of the rainforest below and the skies above, from sunrise to sundown. It’s been said that life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away. Well, waking up with this undiscrible view will be one of those moments, that I can asure you. A private kitchenette stocked with my favourite Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee offers us the possibility for the most perfect wake up ever.  
Kanopi House by Inge Moerenhout JamaicaKanopi House by Inge Moerenhout JamaicaKanopi House Jamaica Port AntonioIf you always dreamt of a Robinson Crusoe getaway,  Kanopi House is the place to be for you. It is far enough off the beaten path to feel like a private-island paradise but it's easy to get there.  It's very minimalistic and back to nature but luxurious enough to relax to the fullest. 
There is small reason to leave the property . Kanopi House is surrounded by the most breath-taking landscapes, including The Blue Lagoon. On property, lagoon lounging is the loveliest way to while away the day, either snorkelling the reef, kayaking through turquoise waters, or swimming out to Monkey Island. 
Blue lagoon JamaicaThe water seems to have a bit of magic to it, as the color changes throughout the day, depending upon the way the sun shines upon the surface. When you first arrive, the water can look turquoise but you may notice that during your boat ride, the water changes to a deeper sapphire or even royal blue.
The Blue Lagon JamaicaAt first, the lagoon was once called “The Blue Hole,” but with the popularity of the the Brooke Shields’ movie, the lagoon’s name was permanently changed to “The Blue Lagoon.”
The water is a mix of fresh water and salt water, as the lagoon is open to the sea and fed by freshwater springs. If you take a dip in the lagoon, you’ll notice the alternating temperatures, which is quite an experience.
Blue Lagoon JamaicaMonki Island Jamaica Port Antoniohappy in Jamaica by Inge MoerenhoutSpending a sunny day at the beach is just a short ride away. I would choose for Frenchmans Cove. It's private so you have to pay a fee but that makes it not so crowded and without local vendors who disturb you every five minutes. Thirsty, then there is a good beverige service.The sand is soft and white and the water is chrystal clear. But what makes this beach so unique is the amazing river that meets the ocean. So you can first swim your heart out in the blue sea and end your swim feast with a dip in the calm and fresh river. We really enjoyed the time to relax on this little beautiful beach surrounded by the small and secluded jungle. No we did not use the swing that hangs above the river, or did we? :-)
Frenchmans Cove Jamaica Port Antonio is a must do in Jamaica. I suggest that you combine it with a luxury stay in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios. The drive from the airport takes a while but If time’s an issue, opt for a helicopter jaunt for a much faster connection: 30 minutes from 
Kingston, and a 45-minute fly from Montego Bay. Life is like a dream, let's dream together. XOXO
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