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Valletta is the perfect place to start a "city trip" around the island :)

Sunny Malta has a rich history of knights and pirates. Years later, this beautiful island still has many assets that speak to everyone's imagination. Several directors from all over the world already used the ramparts, small streets, turquoise water or dramatic cliffs to take their film to the next level. Just think of the first seasons of GOT or Murder on the Orient Express but also our own blockbuster Piet Piraat :) has been recorded on this sun-drenched destination. Just like Croatia, tourism is booming. So, if you don't want to get lost in the crowd, maybe this is the moment for a long" city Trip" read "Island Trip". If you'r like me and you love to jump and play in the water, the best time to plan your visit is in Autumn, when the water is perfectly warmed up for real sea addicts.

Valletta MaltaValletta 

Valletta is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe but great in its diversity and beauty. Because of its rich past, it is certainly one of the highlights of the island. Even more so, I would unpack my suitcases here and explore the entire island from this magical place. The inner city of Valletta has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1980 and you only have to walk around to discover its beautiful treasures. The harbour, the Royal Opera, the parliament ...............................

Valetta invites you to discover its treasures
Valletta MaltaThe Saint John's Co-Cathedral is without any doubt one of the most beautiful and important sights of the city. On the outside, you may not be tempted to step inside, but you really should. If you're not impressed at all, I'll pay you a glass of champagne the next time we meet. The interior is really very impressive and beautiful. The walls are abundantly covered with gold leaf and on the ceiling you'll find beautiful wall paintings. Pay special attention to the gravestones, those are sunk in the majestic floor and a treat for the eyes. Just wander quietly through the city and let yourself be seduced by its enchanting beauty.

Stay in the beautiful boutique Hotel Rosselli

Rosselli is located in the heart of Valletta. The stately hotel is housed in a beautiful 17th-century building that was formerly owned by a member of the Knights of Malta. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in The Grain Restaurant. In Malta, it's a good habit to order together and share the dishes. We left the choice to the chef and no one complained.:-)

Tip: Melqart, a Cabarnet Sauvignon & Merlot, is a delicious Maltese red wine.

Tip: drink an aperitif on the cozy roof terrace and enjoy the view
Roselli Hotel Malta Inge MoerenhoutRoselli Hotel Malta Inge MoerenhoutRoselli Hotel Malta Inge Moerenhout

A day at the beach

If you want to spend a day sunbathing and chilling in a trendy place, I recommend Café Del Mar. St Paul's Bay is a bit of a drive but you can stay in the club until the late hours. There is plenty of opportunity to shower. Just put a nice evening dress in your beach bag and you're ready to rumble. The sunset is really spectacular. Of course  you have to share it with other enthusiasts but there is enough for everyone.:-) The cocktails were a bit too sweet for my taste but a glass of champagne with a varied sushi dish and good company made the evening complete.
Café Del Mar Malta By Inge MoerenhoutCafé Del Mar Malta By Inge MoerenhoutCafé Del Mar Malta By Inge Moerenhout

Dina, The Silent City

Mdina is a beautiful medieval castle town, also known as 'the silent city'. The town owes its name to the fact that no motorized vehicles are allowed into the city (read: almost no cars, and even far too much we would say). Mdina is a kind of open-air museum with all kinds of narrow streets and alleys with beautiful old buildings and monuments. Originally, no street is really straight. In the many streets of the town it is impossible to look further than an arrowhead and that probably saved a lot of lives in the earlier days. Until 1530 Mdina was the capital of Malta. The old town lies on a rocky plateau at an altitude of 210 meters and for the moment only a few hundred people live in this pretty medieval castle town.
Mdina Malta by Inge MoerenhoutSailing to the Bleu Lagoon

It's a classic daydream: cast your anchor in an azure blue bay and then dive into the crystal clear water with lots of panache. In Malta, however, this dream is very close. Although, If you want a bit of privacy and luxury, it's best to rent a sailboat with captain for a full day and sail to the Blue Lagoon. The water in there is really beautiful and has a turquoise blue colour. So blue that it looks a bit like a pool in a posh villa. That's because the light from the sun in the clear water breaks into different colours. The water absorbs most of those colours, except for blue. This makes it look like the water itself is blue and gives a spectacular effect. But you don't have to be smart to understand that everyone wants to be here. With a private sailboat you avoid the enormous hustle and bustle ashore and can perfectly continue your journey to a few quieter bays on the island of Comino.
Blue Lagoon Malta by Inge MoerenhoutSailing in Malta Blue LagoonSailing in Malta Blue Lagoonng in Malta Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon Malta by Inge Moerenhoute

Fun Facts

For the real water lovers there is also the challenge of the moment "Flyboarding" For some it will be easy, others will engage in a greater battle with the board and the water but it is absolutely not dangerous and a lot of fun.
Fly Boarding Sunset Chasing