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Create your own fairytale at Grand hotel Toplice

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Slovenia is the only country with the word LOVE in its name!

It's a love Marie and I share to the fullest for the rest of our lives. We planned our first trip to lake Bled, the very symbol of Slovenia's beauty. You can imagine that it is quite busy in the middle of the season but the climate is soft and easy. So, we had an amazing time and still lots of sunshine in October.

Inge Moerenhout  en Marie Fransen love Slovenia Hotel Toplice, best location in town 

The Grand Hotel Toplice is located on the shore of Lake Bled, from where you can admire the loveliest views of the lake, the Island and its Castle. It is really the best location in town. The hotel has the glamour of a mysterious history and has been visited by many celebrities. You will feel the sense of tradition and a special charm the moment you set foot in the lobby. The receptionist "Amen Memic" welcomed us with a big smile and a great passion for the hotel.

Grand hotel Topic for Travel TreeGrand hotel Topic for Travel TreeGo for the suite and its spectacular view

If you can, go for the suite. It is elegant and spacious in the unique rustic style of the hotel. But the most important thing, it has a huge  balcony with a spectacular and enchanting view. 

suite Grand hotel Topic for Travel TreeBreakfast Grand hotel Topic
Having breakfast in the room is a must as you can imagine. But if you go downstairs to the restaurant you can make your own Waffles and that 's fun too.

Wellness at The Luisa Studio

Another must do is a visit to the Luisa Studio. The wellness studio was built around a thermal spring and that refills the swimming pools daily. Take care! The water is healing but it's cold too:-) Swimming in the thermal water has a soothing effect on the cardiovascular system, so we had to be brave for once. Drinking the thermal water was much easier and healthy too. It helps relieve stomach problems and hydrates your body after too much wine. :-) 
I must admit we also pampered ourselves with a full body massage.  The treatments are of a very high quality and the prices low, especially for a luxury hotel. So you didn't hear us complaining. 

Inge perenhout en marie Fransen in Spa Grand hotel TopliceSwimming with a mountain view

Grand Hotel Toplice has a private beach and a pier. Your personal paradise on the lake shore is complemented by butler service in the summer season. We just asked for permission to take a quick dive and make some beautiful pictures. Does it show we have the same attitude. :-)

Marie enInge at lake BledGrand hotel topic Travel tree Marie Fransen at Hotel TopliceRow, row, row your boat

Take romance on a higher level and make a trip with a pletnar. It's a traditional wooden boat that has been taken visitors to the island in the middle of the lake for centuries. If you stay at Grand hotel Toplice, pletnars are available for free. And, if Marie an I can row that boat with high heels, long dresses and no skills whatsoever, you can do this too for sure. 

Grand hotel Toplice for Travel TreeLike Bled
Give your story time to be written in the history of the hotel in capital letters.

The Lake at Bled with its aquamarine clear fresh water, is excellent for swimming , boating or just walking around to soak up the amazing mountain views. It's the place to live or write your own fairytale. Let yourself be taken to a world where beauty is all around and time passed slower.

Lake Bled for Travel TreeDressing up for a sweet treat.

When it's getting a bit chilly, it's time for a sweet treat in one of the lounges. Luckily you can have the same bedazzeling view from almost every spot in the hotel. We very much liked  the old, classic furniture and the rustic parquet. But the view and the cake stole our hearts.

The most famous delicacy at Lake Bled is the dessert – the Bled Cream Cake (“kremšnita”) is made from an original recipe from more than 60 years ago. The different layers from the bottom to the top follow one another as follows: puff pastry, custard, whipped cream, puff pastry and icing sugar. Really delicious, we can tell. 

Grand hotel Toplice for Travel Treeteatime at Grand hotel Toplice Lake Bled
Go and explore Lake Bled yourself. But be sure to tell us your amazing story too.
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