Five reasons why you have to visit Kranj. The beautiful capital of the Slovenian Alps.

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1.Having one leg in the city crowd and the other one in nature and the mountains is one of the biggest advantages of the capital of the Slovenian Alps

Although Kranj is an industrial city, you’ll be won over by the Old Town and the beautiful canyon. There aren’t many cities that can claim to have a river canyon coursing through them, so Kranj can be really proud of that.The riverbanks are a designated park and it’s right beside the old town. A walk by the river is an experience and a perfect place to take some nice pictures. So one moment you can learn something about the cultural heritage in the town and the next you can be in a virtual wilderness on a trail etched from the face of a cliff. Having one leg in the city crowd and the other in nature and the mountains is one of the biggest advantages of the capital of the Slovenian Alps.
Kranj by Inge MoerenhoutOf course you can explore the Second World War tunnels or an underground medieval ossuary. But you can also just enjoy the beauty of the city from one of the hippest places in town. Panorama Stara Posta is located on the top floor of the highest building on Maister Square. You’ll be granted spectacular views from the terrace where you can enjoy your drink beside the comfort of the open fire pit. The perfect spot at any time of day where you can take coffee and a light bite or something more substantial. When you go during the evening there’s no better place to relax and watch the sunset with a cocktail in your hand. Check their events page for promo-nights and music events. If the weather is not that nice, no problem it's very cosy inside as well. 
old post KranjKranj by Inge Moerenhout
2. The BRDO estate: a treasure of Kranj aristocracy.
When an important diplomatic summit happens in Slovenia, it goes down at Brdo Castle, hardly five kilometres out of Kranj.
The castle dates from the start of the 1500s and was built by the nobleman Jurij Egkh, and was later home for a succession of aristocratic families and princes.
Most of the time the castle is closed to visitors but there are occasional tours.
Pick-nick at BRDO KranjBut I was more interested in the beautiful surrounding. The 500-hectare park around the estate, which has a forest, tended gardens and lots of ponds. I can imagine that it is really magical in all seasons as long as you can do a pick-nick. You get an electric car, a map of the estate, a basket full of delicacies and off you go. The most difficult thing to do is to choose the right spot because there are really too many. :-)
Pick-nick at BRDO KranjIf you love horses, BRDO is the perfect place to be. You can admire 12 noble Lipizzaner horses in nature or in there stables. If you are an experience jockey test yourself in riding or take a drive through the beautiful park in an elegant carriage. You feel like a princes that's for sure. (or a prince :-))
Lipizzaner horses Lipizzaner BRDO estate by Inge Moerenhout
3. Put on your ski outfit even for one day

Ski in Krvavec Patrick CastelainInge Moerenhout Slovenia Kranj is only a few kilometers from the popular ski slope Krvavec. So even if you'r not on a real ski holliday (what is of course possible) you can enjoy the snow, even for one day.  Because Krvanec is the closest ski resort to any European airport it's easy to fly over just for the weekend. For sure, you will enjoy your short ski to the fullest. The slopes are not that difficult but very pleasant to ski. If you are looking for a little bit more adventure Krvavec Snow Park welcomes you with open arms.  So, this is a perfect spot for all those skiers and snowboarders who are yet to experience a variety of tricks on different facilities and ski jumps as well as those who are more experienced visitors to a snow park. You just have to try one jump at least. 
ski Krvavec Inge Moerenhout Tip: At the end of the season you can enjoy the Beach Splash. It's a party with a DJ playing some beats and you can by food and drinks at the slopes.The highlight of the party is the challenge with pool jumps and a sup-on-snow competition. Very funny to see but I don't recommend participating yourself because you will be very wet, very very wet. No question there.:-)
Krvavec splash

Inge Moerenhout Colmar ski4. Kranj is just half an hour away of the fairy tale lake Bled

You must visit Bled, it looks like a fairy tale at any moment of the day and in all weather conditions. We went on a very rainy day to Bled's iconic lake with the only Slovenian island. I was there before so I know we had to taste some famous cream cake. The  terrace of Villa Bled was the perfect spot to do so. You can sit outside and don't get wet. The beautiful Hotel is the formal presidential residence, is located on the quieter shores of lake Bled and has a rich history. In the formal cinema room you can see a big part of Slovenian history painted on the walls. 

Villa Bled Inge MoerenhoutVilla Bled Inge Moerenhout
 The most famous delicacy at Lake Bled is the dessert – the Bled Cream Cake (“kremšnita”) is made from an original recipe from more than 60 years ago. The different layers from the bottom to the top follow one another as follows: puff pastry, custard, whipped cream, puff pastry and icing sugar. Really delicious, I can tell.
Bled Inge MoerenhoutRead also:

5. If you love good food

Gostelina Kristof
The inn Gostelina Kristof bets on mixing Slovenian traditions and global gastronomic trends. Their dishes are based on seasonal ingredients, while the philosophy of food preparation is friendly towards nature. If you live in the neighborhood you can order your own fresh ingredients from their local suppliers by email. Kristof offers also a few vegan options and served freshly baked gluten-free bread. You can book a private dinner in a wouden house with candlelight. This sounds perfect for a romantic evening or a celebration with good friends. 
Gostilna Kristof KranjBrioni
Brioni is litteraly three of a kind. First you have the bistro where in the hustle of everyday life you can enjoy one of their delicious and famous pastries.
In the restaurant you will be delighted by the finest ingredients witch are harmoniously composed into the most beautiful dishes. It starts already with the presentation of the butter with wild garlic and some delicious bread. Be careful that you don't eat too much in order to leave room for the rest of the dinner. They bring the bar to you for the aperitifs  and you get detailed explanation about every cocktail or sprinkling wine they serve. Same with the wines of which the selection is amazing. You will be surprised. Trust them, the Slovenian wines are super.
Brioni Slovenia KranjGlamping and dinner at Gostilnabizka
f you want it to be romantic you have to spent the night in one of the wooden tents of Clamping Gostilnabizka. 
Located in Preddvor in the Gorenjska region, Glamping Bizjak has a beautiful terrace and perfect mountain views. It features a specious garden where you can relax to the fullest. They offer breakfast on a daily base and you can choose between the continental or the vegetarian option. It doesn't matter what you choose because you wil be delighted. Their fresh baked bread is really the best I ever tasted!
You can also have dinner in the restaurant. For a fair price you can eat some delicious Slovenian dishes. The owner is a perfect host and you will feel more then welcome the minute you enter this beautiful property.
glamping SloveniaTip: Actum Hotel in the centre of Kranj
If you are looking for an exuberant and romantic boutique haven in a picturesque town, Actum hotel in Slovenia is a very worthy choice. Located in the historical centre of Kranj it is just stone's throw away from some of the city's most impressive monuments, shops and museums. Choose a room with a hot tub for a romantic night or a small after party. :-)
Actum Kranj Slovenia