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Gambia, the "Smiling Coast" of Africa or "Africa for beginners" with its beautiful colors and genuine warmth has stolen my heart. Those who have never toured the African hemisphere should probably first get used to the crowds, the (un)controlled chaos and the open mind of Gambia. People step into your comfort zone unintentionally. Even with a big smile it can be very confronting for many of the reserved Western People. Go With the flow, laugh, tease, throw with compliments but set your limits in a friendly way. A wonderfully relaxing holiday is waiting for you.
the Gambia people The most beautiful hotel in Gambia is Coco Ocean, a five star beach hotel with beautiful architecture and a delightful location by the sea. Here no buffets that are pre-cured, but both at breakfast and at dinner an extensive à la carte choice that offers new possibilities every morning and every night.
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The spacious suites in the main building offer all the luxury you need, but if you want it even more exclusive then book a beach villa with a private garden and access to the infini swimming pool with sea view. Staying in the presidential suite is also possible but then you have to provide a huge budget and take the whole family with you. :)
infiniti pool Coco Ocean Gambiaroyal suite The GambiaOn the beach you will not be bothered (except by the newspaper vendor) and you will be served like a real princess.  We noticed this luxury only when we stayed a few days extra in another hotel. The advantage of those beach vendors is of course that everything they sell is very cheap and you also support the local population. My social heart knows, but it can be annoying sometimes and I was very happy with the do not disturb sign at Coco Ocean.
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You can also enjoy lunch on the beach or on the large sun terrace and every Sunday they organize an extensive BBQ. But when the sun kisses the sea, it becomes truly magical on the beach. Fishermen pick up their nets under a lot of attention and a horseback ride with your loved one is super romantic. You can also have dinner, even if you have half board, with the sunset as an extra topping. The kitchen has an Asian touch and is pretty spicy, but that's how I like it.

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hors riding The GambiaCoco Beach is also known for its stylish and professional Spa. Letting yourself pamper here is delicious and not expensive according to Belgian standards (30 € for an hour). I went fully for the LomiLomi massage witch is performed with the elbows and is therefore a bit firmer. The foot massage is devine, you can do it together with your partner, the beautiful view of the sea you get for free.
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Gambia and the blissful Coco Ocean Resort is perfect for a week of (affordable) bathing in luxury and tranquility. Corendon flies directly from Brussels several times a week. The flight takes only six hours. With a movie, a nap or a chat with a friendly hosted, it takes only a blink of an eye. For those who need some adventure in the Gambia I like to give you some exciting excursions in the next article.

More information about the hotel and prices can be found on the Corendon website


1. Always carry a pair of warmer garments. Due to the wind, it can be chilli in the evening.

2. Take something to write with you. If not you are immediately struggling when filling in the customs form.

3. Take a few things that are useful or fun that you can leave behind with your friends. (you always make them in The Gambia)

4. If you go in the winter (is summer in The Gambia) you do not necessarily need pills for malaria. Bringing mosquito's milk is a must.

5. From the wall you get a maximum of 3000 Gambian Dalasi. It is possible that the internet or the visa does not want to cooperate. :) So make sure you have some extra euros in your pocket.
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