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Citytrip / Amsterdam

We like the city life and that is the reason why we love to plan a city trip on a regular basis.
This time we started looking not so far from home, on the contrary ...

Inge boot

We left with our Mazda CX-3 from Antwerp with destination Prinsengracht 315, the address of the hotel where we would be staying during our citytrip. With the song "Amsterdam" by Kris De Bruyne on the background we where in the right mood straight away :-)
Mary backpack
Once arrived at the luxurious Pulitzer hotel, we were kindly greeted by the doorman who took care of our luggage and our car. What struck us immediately upon entering the hotel were the beautiful flowers at the entrance and the delicious smell that hung in the hotel. Inge was already wondering if we could buy this scent in a perfume bottle. If we could, we would have bought it, no doubt :-) 

entranceflowergirl Inge


The colorful macarons that were displayed at the bar caught my attention in just a few seconds like.... I tried so hard to ignore them ... but unfortunately the guilty pleasures of the Pulitzer hotel were simply irresistible :-)

Macaron Mary


Our room was spacious and very cozy. As a warm welcome there were 2 refreshing, fruity waters waiting for us, a saucer with berries, macarons and syrup waffles...

mary bedroomslaapkamer
We felt right at home at the Pulitzer! Inge was so exited that she took the phone to call her family and tell them all about this magical place :-)

inge on the phone


We had already heard much about "Pause", the famous restaurant of the hotel and we immediately wanted to try it off course. Thanks to the great sunny weather we could enjoy lunch on the terrace, and Pause’s terrace was not the least ... really really beautiful!

Inge at pause
We both ordered a glass of white wine and a burrata salad. Not very innovative but for those who got to know Inge and me a little bit, should know that when there is a burrata dish on the menu, we will certainly go for it :-) I must say that this burrata salad really was one of the best I had already eaten. The marinated, colored cherry tomatoes gave it a very delicious and fresh touch.


marie at pause

After lunch we went to explore the city from another point of view. We decided to buy a ticket for the "Amsterdam look-out." Europe’s highest swing with an unrivalled panoramic view of Amsterdam. We took the ferry to cross the bay "The IJ" towards Amsterdam North where we could immediately see this amazing attraction high up in the sky. The ferry was located on the quay next to the train station (+/- 10 minutes walk from the hotel) and it’s free.

Look out


After all that adrenaline we took a leisurely stroll before returning to the hotel.

Inge grachten
At 300 meters from the hotel we passed an “Albert Heijn” supermarket ... it was a warm summer evening, and as the saying goes "one look says more than 1000 words" we entered the supermarket, bought a bottle of wine, plastic cups, crackers and sushi for some "old-school" dining on the banks of the Amsterdam canals. Girls talk and life philosophies all over the place :-) It was the perfect ending of an amazing day in Holland’s capital city.



ontbijtBreakfast was served in the adjoining restaurant Jansz which also belongs to the hotel. Off course Jansz is also accessible for non-hotel guests.

Inge breakfast
There was an extensive buffet and we also had the opportunity to order à la carte, so we decided to combine both. The banana pancakes were extremely delicious just like the rest of the breakfast though ...

Mary breakfastLater that day we had another great culinary treat planned, and we’d love to tell you more about it in our next article.

We will be ending this post with telling you guys that Amsterdam truly is a fantastic city that is worth a visit! And if you plan on going…then you should definitely book a room at the Pulitzer hotel .

The best choice you can make! You can take our word on that one ;-)

We just loved hanging out here

Thanks for reading
xxx Inge & Marie

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