Bab al shams resort & spa

A trip to the sun, exactly what my husband and I needed after some very busy months. So I’d say, “time to relax”!
Relaxing during winter season? Nothing better than a sunny destination if you ask me . We packed our bags and left with a boeing 777 from Emirates airlines to the United Arab Emirates “paradise”, Hello Dubai!

Vlucht Dubai
We had planned a fantastic roundtrip in 3 stages. And we must say that Dubai has much more to offer than magnificent skyscrapers and amazing shopping malls. We discovered a true hidden gem in the desert, The Bab Al Shams Resort & Spa.

zwembad Bab al shams

The 1001 Nights fairytale

As a child I could not get enough of Aladdin’s adventures. This 1001 Nights fairytale made me dream over and over again and now we were able to experience it ourselves, yay! The Aladdin soundtrack just kept playing in my head :-) 

"When the wind's from the east
And the sun's from the west
And the sand in the glass is right
Come on down
Stop on by
Hop a carpet and fly
To another Arabian night "

Marie woestijn tutu chic

The moment we arrived we got greeted by a very friendly team who immediately took care of our luggage. During the check-in at the front desk, we got spoiled with a delicious, fresh citrus juice before we were escorted to our room.
The hotel, that gives you an instant "zen" feeling, is built in the style of a traditional Arabic fort. Courtyards with fountains, lush gardens and stone alleyways pave the way for elegantly appointed guest rooms, designed in a rustic Arabic style.
Let's call it magic... 

FonteinenBinnenplein Bab al ShamsArabic corner - for love & lemons
With an upgrade to the "deluxe suite" our stay became a true fairytale. I could’nt wait to start discovering our luxurious Arabic little palace, while Sebastien was already enjoying a plate of fresh fruit in the cozy living room. I could not blame him off course :-)

Living room
A king size bed with some crispy stiffened linen that gave us a view over the desert. What did we love waking up there!
Adjacent to the bedroom was a large balcony where we could hang out for hours, dreaming and enjoying the breathtaking view. 

Waking up in Bab al shamsBalcony
The bathroom was like a spa on it’s own. With it’s sandy hues, large shower, romantic bath and plenty of products from various soaps and shampoos to a range of facial clay masks, it was the perfect peaceful ambiance to indulge in some pampering.


An oasis in the desert

After all that excitement, we were anxious to explore the rest of the resort. A dive into the magnificent infinity pool felt like a true “desert oasis" (it was 32°C after all ;-)). The friendly staff took care of our sun chairs and brought us a menu. Once settled we could enjoy some tasty tacos with guacamole and a glass of white wine. Must be uncomfortable eating in a sun chair you might think, but we were served like a king and queen with our own private tables who were simply placed over our chairs. Cheers to our holiday!

Zwembad & badpak

Arabian nights

We discovered some various cuisines and specialties in a very unique setting. So did we enjoy a very tasty (and spicy) dinner at the Indian restaurant with some lovely traditional live music and a romantic rooftop dinner accompanied by a splendid desert sunset! I think that’s what they call “romance” ;-) and it was…

theepotindisch restaurantlive music

Breakfast in paradise

A delicious breakfast in a palm garden in the middle of the desert? You can imagine it was quite easy to get used to this :-). The banana smoothie became instant one of our everyday favorites, de-li-cious!

Ontbijtontbijt tafel

The desert life

Sebi and I are always in for some adventure, so it did’nt took long before we had registered for various activities including the "Falconry". Before dawn we were picked up for a real "falconer" experience. It was impressive to see how quick and intelligent these beautiful birds of prey are. We could feed and even pet these birds… and again.... it was magic

Falconry sebiValkenier
Last but not least… no desert experience without some super cute camels :-)

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